Journey to the Goddess Realm

Journey to the Goddess Realm


Nhà sản xuất: U.S. Games Systems
Tác giả: Lisa Porter
Bao gồm: 39 Lá bài + Sách hướng dẫn
ISBN: 9781572817302

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Mô tả

As you journey with the Goddesses, call on these ancient deities for help with all your daily decisions and challenges. Inspiring you with their ancient wisdom, they will help you strengthen your intuition and guide you toward enhanced conscious awareness. Journey to the Goddess Realm 39-card deck includes 36 Goddess cards, three Confirmation cards, and a 48-page booklet. This pantheon of Goddesses depicted with vibrant artwork includes: Ishtar, Isis, Kali, Quan Yin, Rhiannon and others. Includes 39 cards and a 48-page guidebook.

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